Lidar Chassis  Mobile Disinfection Robot
Lidar Chassis  Mobile Disinfection Robot
Lidar Chassis  Mobile Disinfection Robot

Lidar Chassis Mobile Disinfection Robot

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Chlorine dioxide air disinfection robot disease control lidar agv chassis disinfection voice robot

Size: 539x374x1150mm Weight: 50KG Material: metal, plastic Charging time: 4 hours Battery life: 6 hours Cruising speed: 4KM / h fastest Disinfection working principle: ① Automatic drug delivery system: ensure that disinfectant pills are regularly and quantitatively supplied to the reaction system; ② Water-gas separation system: it can separate the water in chlorine dioxide gas;

③ Reaction system: provide a reaction place for the production of chlorine dioxide molecules;

④ Heating system: make the chlorine dioxide solid pills react quickly in the aqueous solution, and also accelerate the release of chlorine dioxide gaseous molecules;

⑤ Drainage system: discharge the water after the reaction into the water tank; ⑥ Water supply system: can meet the rapid activation of chlorine dioxide solid pills in the state of aqueous solution to produce chlorine dioxide gas;

⑦ Gas supply system: it can accelerate the reaction of chlorine dioxide, and at the same time, it can quickly escape the chlorine gas molecules in the solution into the air;

⑧ Air supply system: Provide strong power to ensure that chlorine dioxide gas molecules quickly flow to any corner of the space;

⑨ Control system: Through software intelligent control, users can realize various demands on the human-machine interface. Disinfection features: 1. Adopt broad-spectrum, safe and efficient chlorine dioxide disinfectant, passivation of synthetic chlorine oxide gas molecules to the space disinfection and sterilization technology, self-powered, unified, simple operation, convenient use, quality assurance; Use pure molecular chlorine dioxide for sterilization;

2. Actively capture harmful gas and reach the source directly. 360 ° gas molecule space disinfection. After the action, the product is carbon dioxide and water, non-toxic and harmless; 3. Actively adjust the release rate to achieve a controlled release. Stable release of effective chlorine dioxide, safe and efficient;

4. Subvert the traditional technology of preparing chlorine dioxide solution, use solid Greenway disinfection pills to release active chlorine dioxide gas molecules, easy to use, safe and effective for a long time. Application scenarios: airports, high-speed rail, subway, hospitals, learning, supermarkets, hotels, office buildings, banks, libraries, smart campuses and other public areas.